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Like it or Not

The other day I was writing a list of seeds I would need for next year. I thought why not make lists of other stuff (as you do)?? relevant to allotments and turn it into a top 100 of likes and dislikes.
 So here goes!!

Top 100 Things I Dislike "Down the Plot"

  1. Cats (Top of the list every time)
  2. Carrot Flies
  3. Cabbage Root Flies
  4. Slugs 
  5. Garden Snails
  6. Rainy days (except when the plants need water)
  7. Bindweed
  8. Onion Flies
  9. Onion White Rot 
  10. Nightime (when you can't hear the birds singing)
  11. Giant White Butterflies (and their caterpillars)
  12. Strong winds (and the damage they cause)
  13. Aphids
  14. Plant diseases I don't recognise
  15. Fireblight
  16. Leaky shed roofs
  17. Leaky water butts
  18. Leaky wellies
  19. Wasps (and their nests)
  20. Squeaky wheelbarrow wheels.
  21. Blight
  22. Couch Grass
  23. Mares Tail
  24. Seeds not germinating
  25. Padlocking my shed with my car keys inside it
  26. Losing my key to the allotment gate
  27. Wood Pigeons
  28. Bonfires being banned (and the do-gooders who get them banned)
  29. Too much weeding, giving me back ache
  30. Mice getting into my shed (or eating my seeds)
  31. Weed seeds blowing about in the wind
  32. Noise on a peaceful Autumn evening
  33. Overcast Summers
  34. Flea Beetles
  35. Over use of chemicals, pesticides & insecticides etc
  36. Incorrect weather forecasts
  37. Garden canes snapping when you push them into the ground
  38. Bending over and a garden cane sticking in yer bum or your eye
  39. Earwigs (especially on my Sweet Corn)
  40. Trying to start my strimmer (sometimes)
  41. Anything that pollutes the soil (especially oil & plastics)
  42. Waiting for Spring to come
  43. Wet, cold feet (must be a cucumber)
  44. Stoney ground
  45. Litter blowing about
  46. Club Root
  47. Eel Worms
  48. Cheap & nasty gardening tools (especially when they bend)
  49. Buckets springing a leak when you least expect it
  50. Blackbirds and other birds eating my fruit
  51. Empty water butts
  52. The continual itching, after being stung by nettles
  53. Moon cycles (anyway space travel's out at my age)
  54. Seed packets that say "an average of 50 seeds" on them & there's only 10 in there
  55. Forgetting to put markers in after sowing a row of seeds
  56. Dogs running loose on the allotments
  57. Forgetting where I've left a tool
  58. Running out of potting compost half way through "potting up"
  59. Ants (especially red ones)
  60. Maggoty peas
  61. Black Fly
  62. White Fly
  63. Waiting for the first Strawberries of the season to ripen
  64. Panicking about a bite or sting you've received cos you think it's life threatening on this occassion
  65. Seeing movement in the compost heap (and wondering what's in there)
  66. Not being able to save a diseased plant
  67. Accidentally damaging a plant or plants (especially tomatoes)
  68. Certain types of moths
  69. Tripping over things I've left lying around (bad habit this one)
  70. Forgetting to take some veg home for tea
  71. Having to replace a faithful old garden tool cos its worn out
  72. Using netting (hate the stuff but its handy)
  73. Moles
  74. Badgers
  75. Foxes
  76. Cut Worms
  77. Slipping on wet grass (probably jarring something)
  78. Not having enough daylight or hours in a day down the plot
  79. Accidentally spilling seeds when sowing 
  80. Watering the plot, then it rains
  81. Not watering the plot and it doesn't rain
  82. Running out of space in my freezer
  83. Mild Winter weather (cold kills more bugs)
  84. Forgetting to take my lunch when I'm staying down the plot
  85. Too much wet weather which brings out the slugs
  86. Any "common" weed that is difficult to eradicate
  87. Running a line then tripping over it
  88. Really hot sunny days, but only if I've got digging to do
  89. Japenese Knotweed
  90. Woodlice
  91. Atropa
  92. Wearing my trainers down to the plot when it should have been wellies
  93. Sowing seeds & something different to what I thought was sown appears
  94. Vandalism on the allotments
  95. Taking things a bit too seriously and not enjoying the moment
  96. Rabbits
  97. Flat tyres on my wheelbarrow
  98. Ground Elder
  99. Not being able to reach to the top of my Runner Beans in Summer
  100. Staying up late to finish this list (late down the plot again tomorrow)?? 

Top 100 Things I Like "Down the Plot"

  1. Realising that Mother Nature is the only god in the universe & that mankind interfers with her masterplan
  2. Bees
  3. Butterflies (except Large/Small Whites)
  4. Ladybirds
  5. Watching Ladybirds eating Aphids
  6. Listening to the bird songs
  7. Feeling the warmth of the sun
  8. Appreciating a cool breeze in the Summer
  9. Improving the soil structure
  10. Knowing that Earth Worms help me out
  11. Frogs
  12. Toads
  13. Hedgehogs
  14. Sowing seeds (and watching them germinating)
  15. Eating the first ripe Strawberry every year
  16. Mild Spring weather
  17. Hoping this years crop will be better than last years
  18. Sowing something I havn't tried before
  19. I tidy looking plot
  20. Lifting my early potatoes
  21. Full water butts (after the Winter)
  22. Giving some of my fruit & veg away to friends & family
  23. Growing veg more cheaply than the supermarkets can sell it
  24. Hoverflies
  25. Eliminating pest/diseases without using chemicals
  26. Re-cycling as many items as possible that can be used down the plot
  27. Utilising good compost & manure
  28. Eating fresh fruit & veg
  29. Carabids & Staphylinids
  30. Propagating things
  31. Eating a nice fresh salad
  32. Freezing spare produce for Winter use
  33. Talking to friends down the plot
  34. Appreciating the solitude when no-one else is down the plot
  35. The smell of freshly mown grass
  36. The smell of leaf mould
  37. Robins (and most other birds of course)
  38. Having my cold frame full of trays with seedlings in them
  39. Picking Runner Beans
  40. Watching bats flying around in the evening
  41. Seeing the first Tomato develop
  42. Growing a tree from seed
  43. Pitting my wits against the weather
  44. Knowing I can grow good crops without the aid of a giant polytunnel (sorry but it's cheating on an allotment, each to their own though)
  45. Repairing a broken garden tool
  46. Admiring other peoples' plots & their innovative ideas
  47. Learning something new about gardening from better gardeners than me
  48. Getting new wellies for Christmas
  49. Turning a bad area of ground into a good one
  50. Growing Pumpkins for Halloween
  51. Tidying my shed when tis raining
  52. Pruning things correctly (not my forte)
  53. Replanting thinnings to have more veg
  54. Weeding, it's theraputic (?)
  55. Standing upright after I've been weeding
  56. Watching the rain from my shed when I've got a moment
  57. Bonfire night
  58. Companion planting
  59. The smell of damp soil after completing the watering or digging
  60. Seeing refreshed plants after watering
  61. Wildflowers (especially if they attract bees)
  62. Bluebells in Spring
  63. Apple blossom (and its' aroma)
  64. Well sharpened garden tools
  65. Grass Snakes
  66. Slow Worms
  67. Hedgerows around the allotment (and the wildlife that lives within them)
  68. Lifting a Dock plant without breaking the roots
  69. Feeling the warmth from my compost heap/bins as I walk past them
  70. Making water butts from re-cycled barrels
  71. Being accompanied by Blackbirds & Robins when I'm digging in Spring
  72. Plants that don't talk back (sorry charlie)
  73. The magnified intricacy of a spiders' web after a mist
  74. Solid heads on cabbages
  75. Wood ash
  76. Soot
  77. Enjoying a salad sandwich & cup of tea in my shed
  78. Big Onions
  79. Saving seeds for next year
  80. The first snowdrop
  81. Marigolds
  82. Enjoying those rare days, doing nothing down the plot
  83. Watching young birds learning to fly
  84. Setting beer traps to catch slugs
  85. Planting the first batch of Runner Beans
  86. Making Pea Sticks from tree prunings
  87. Picking fruit
  88. Taking photographs (of just about anything) down the plot
  89. Not having my mobile phone with me
  90. Growing as many varieties of plants as possible from seed
  91. Scaring Wood Pigeons off
  92. Growing enough veg but still having seeds leftover for next year
  93. Carrot Fly free Carrots
  94. Picking Sprouts after a frost
  95. The strong aroma of many herbs
  96. Seeing berries on my Goji plants
  97. Hedgehogs hibernating under my shed
  98. Being glad a T.V. set won't work in my shed
  99. Centipedes
  100. Looking forward to a hot shower after a day down the plot


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