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Birds Bugs & Beasties Down My Plots Or In My Garden

My collections of wildlife from photographs taken in my garden or on my allotments.
Click on any photograph to view a larger picture.


Tiger Moth in My Pear Tree
The Same Tiger Moth on My Carrot Plants
Angle Shade Moth Sheltering From the Rain in My Shed N1 Plot
This is a Mal-formed Jersey Tiger Moth (no wings)

Cinnabar Moth
Cinnabar Moth
Moth on my bedroom wall


Comma On My Bird Feeder

Peacock Butterfly
Peacock Butterfly

Small Tortoiseshell
Small Tortoiseshell


Mallards (Female & Male)
My Friendly Robin In The Back Garden (19/Nov/13)
Blackbird (Male) N2 Plot 30 April 15


Tadpoles in Drainage Ditch Lower End of Plots (24/4/14)
Baby Frog on My Car Bonnet

Common Frog Underwater in the Drainage Ditch N1 Plot
Common Frog & Garden Snail
Common Frog with Garden Snail to its Left (1/Sept/13)

A Very Large (Fat) Common Frog Which Had Changed Colours Quite Drastically To (Red Orange & Yellow) to Match The Colour of The Autumn Leaves He Was Hiding Under In My Back Garden (19/Nov/13)
Newt Sitting on My Backdoor Step (24/3/14)
Toad (N2 Plot) August 2014


Bumble Bee on Dandelion (Probably Ruderatus)
Red Tailed Bumble Bee on Gladioli
Bumblebee (1/Sept/13)


Garden Snails

Hedgehog in my Garden

Hover fly

Cabbage white caterpillar
Cabbage White Caterpillar
Cutworm ??
Cutworm ??

Woodlouse Earthworm & Chafer grub
Woodlouse Earthworm & Chafer grub


Dragonfly on My Runner Beans (1/Sept/13)
Cabbage White Caterpillar (I think) (1/Sept/13)
Rats Skull (24/4/14)

Rats Skull (From Underneath Showing Front Teeth) (24/4/14)

Spider Eating a Fly
Garden Spider Eating a Fly (1/Sept/13)
Snails Eggs
Snails Eggs (1/Sept/13)
Spider N2 Plot
Spider and Its Web in Between Water Barrels N2 Plot (18 October 2013)

Wasps Taking "Sap" From the Damaged Stem of a Potato Plant on One of My Compost Heaps
Horse Leech
Horse Leech
Dead Hedgehog
Dead Hedgehog (Skinned by a Badger) N1 Plot August 2014
Young Great Tit
Young Great Tit (Maiden Flight From the Bird Box on My Shed) July 2014
Azure Damselfly (Garden) July 2014
Ladybirds (mating)
Ladybirds (mating)

Unidentified Grub Oct 2015
Unientified Grub N2 Plot Oct 2015
Unidentified Grub November 2015
Unidentified Grub Nov 2015 Garden


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